Originally, amateur (from the Latin verb amare, “to love”) referred to a person who loved what he was doing. Similarly, a dilettante (from the Latin delectare, “to find delight in”) was someone who enjoyed a given activity. The earlier meanings of these words drew attention to experiences rather that accomplishments. They described the process and the fact that enjoying something is important and has its rewards.

I am very much both. An amateur and dilettante of many hobbies and activities. The passion and the attention I dedicate to these areas very much depend on what is happening in my life at any given time.

Performing Arts has been a passion for years. I started with my own one-man story-telling performance, which led me to Playback Theatre. I am currently a member of the Vancouver Playback Theatre group, as well as the Applied Improv Network.

Martial Arts has been an important hobby of mine for many years, with a variety of schools, styles, teachers, and countries. Then there is yoga, another long time companion. Currently, there is also Training in Power, a system that combines a large variety of ancient and modern teachings in the area of spirituality and energy work.

Dogs. Loyal, loving, playful, constant companions. I am blessed to have Tobi in my life. Tobi is a labradoodle (poodle and lab cross), who is a precious gift, a playmate, a trickster, a therapy dog, and an incredibly patient teacher by my side [a photo gallery of some of Tobi’s best captured moments is here].

I am sure there are more things I have not mentioned in great details, like cycling, traveling, languages and cultures, photography, improvisational cooking, movies, books, hiking, and dancing. I just might expand on these, in due time…