Being the Board

Today’s Reflection is about what Benjamin and Rosamund Zander call “Being the Board,” in their timeless masterpiece – The Art of Possibility. I think this particular chapter, or practice as they call it, should come with a warning. It needs to say something along the lines of, “Warning: Once you read this chapter and truly grok Being the Board

Mirror, Mirror on the wall…

Today’s Reflection is about a rich and profound journey of the past two years. They have graduated a week ago, and despite my many thoughts and feelings about this completion, I am having a hard time writing about it. It is as though words will not adequately describe the richness of the experience of this Mirror, Mirror on the wall…

An apple from a tree

Today’s Reflection is about my recent travels, and some unexpected outcomes (aren’t they usually). Simplicity of life when traveling is always somehow easier to experience, even when I am still connected to my life back home. Everything is more vivid and real, and I feel very alive and alert to the new world around me. An apple from a tree