Awakened Living Program – Overview

How do we wake up to all of who we are, the light and the shadow, and what we are meant to do here? How do we embrace our wholeness, and then harness it towards creating a rich, fulfilling, and meaningful life of making a difference,  flourishing, and thriving?

Awakening is about seeing, accepting, and owning each part of us through being with ourselves with curiousity, compassion, loving kindness, commitment, and grace. Everything is related, everything belongs. There is no part of ourselves we can cut out. As our capacity to inquire and become aware increases, we develop the strength to look at our brightest light and our darkest shadows, integrating them into who we are becoming.


Program Description

Awakened Living is a yearlong transformative journey, inquiring into the core essence of who you are. It is a deep inquiry program, guiding participants to peel the layers of who they think they are, uncovering the true essence of their Self, and bringing it to the world.

The program is grounded in the Enneagram as a map for awakening. It also incorporates self-inquiry, somatic wisdom, deep coaching, adult learning principles, indigenous and Eastern teachings, and expressive arts (to name some of the modalities we use).

The program runs in small and intimate cohorts, with presence, love, guidance, and support by your program facilitators (Alison van Buuren/Lee, Kira MacDuffee and Simon Goland), who are unequivocally committed to your awakening. We will create and maintain a rich, challenging, and supportive container for this process.

Program Structure

The program consists of 4 consecutive modules:

  • Module 1: Bright Light, exploring you at your brightest, vibrant, and grounded self.
  • Module 2: Clear Shadow, diving deep into Shadow Work, peeling the layers of personality and defense mechanisms.
  • Module 3: Right Livelihood focuses on our purpose and vocation, mirroring the journeys of the Right Livelihood Quest.
  • Module 4: Purposeful Flame looks at integrating all the learning and insights into your full expression in the world.

Each module is 3 months long, and consists of the following 3 phases:

  • Preparation: 3.5 weeks virtual guided process (webinars, online dialogues, contemplative practices)
  • Residential Retreat: 3 days of a face-to-face experience (Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon)
  • Integration: 2 months virtual guided process (webinars, online dialogues, contemplative practices, individual coaching sessions with program facilitators)

Program Requirements

To embark on this journey with us, you need to say YES to the following:

  • I am ready to commit to a deep, evoking, and transformative yearlong journey.
  • I am willing and “hungry” to dive into a rich and diverse process that will bring up both beauty and challenges.
  • I am ready to engage fully, without holding back, into my own inquiry and also be a supporter to my cohort members.
  • I have a contemplative/reflective practice (journalling, meditation), or, at the very least, I am ready to start exploring one that would resonate. Having one as you go through the program is a mandatory requirement. We are more than happy to share our experience and resources that can be of help for you here.