Letter to Self

by Simon Goland, December 29, 2012

There is a chapter called “Giving an A” in the timeless gem of a book, The Art of Possibility. The concept of the chapter is to write yourself a letter, from a point in the future, giving yourself an ‘A’ on what you will have accomplished between now and that future point in time. The idea is beautiful, yet simple, and never fails to produce magic. I have been using it for years, with students and clients; a new group of students has just finished the beginning of this practice before the holidays. Some of them have shared their letters with others (even though it is a very personal and private process), and I have been touched and inspired by what I saw them sharing and the ways they are charting the future trajectory of their year ahead. In fact, I was so inspired that I decided to write mine as well.

It Felt Love (a poem by Hafiz)
How did the rose ever open its heart and give to this world all its beauty? It felt the encouragement of light against its being. Otherwise, we all remain too frightened.

My dear lifelong traveling companion (aka Simon),

As 2013 is coming to an end, and we are reflecting and reviewing the year that as gone by, I am filled with awe, inspiration, amazement, and deep gratitude. Humility too. I know that for the past seven years or so, you would do this process every year, right around the Winter Solstice and the week following. It has been a personal tradition of taking a week to review the year that is finishing, and set your intentions and focus for the year to come. Fits well with your desire to stay away from “New Year resolutions,” do things in your own way, yet also keep deepening the connection to other spiritual and indigenous traditions. I know that, in each of those past years, you have looked back and said to yourself, “this truly has been the best year of my life so far.” Every time.

This one, though, this 2013, has been even more so. Way more so. By far. By magnitudes. Beyond your dreams, wishes, and desires. Or, perhaps, not necessarily beyond, but in a deep alignment to what you were asking for. Or thought you were. You probably didn’t even know what was it you were really asking, yet as I think about the year gone by, I am in awe of how you showed up and embraced what the Universe had for you.

Surrendering. Letting go. Opening up. Letting love in.

These simple words are perhaps the summary, yet they were not easy. Nor were they smooth. Luckily, you have guides beside you – Alison, Tobi, friends and students and collaborators and teachers – who showed up in their unwavering support of this year past. You needed them, you opened up and asked, and they were right there. I know you had some flavours of it during the Christmas 2012 week; little did you know that it was but a beginning of a profound and transformational opening to love and the meaning of family in your life.

I can see and feel your bright, vibrating, radiating heart that now guides you a whole lot more than ever in the past. I know of the experiences that keep opening up for you, calling you to dive in, to embrace their gifts, and open up to more and more possibilities of getting to know the deepest core of who you are.

I know how challenging and scary it has been to fully surrender and let go of your set ways of doing things, of doing life. No wonder. I know why the protectors, the Loyal Soldiers, have been there. I also know how much more aware and attuned to them you are, and how beautifully you remain in contact and communication with them, whenever they raise their voice and try to steer you away from the path of heart and authenticity and compassion and kindness. It is a true joy to see your mastery of working with these voices and personalities, addressing their needs yet not giving up or compromising of what you know to be true.

Juicy adventures, exciting and challenging enough opportunities, like-hearted and like-minded new friends entering your life – all have been beautiful, enriching, and deeply engaging. And when you have approached them all with your beautiful open heart and soul, the experiences and the connections have been richer, more beautiful, and more inspiring.

This truly has been the best year so far, and I can’t wait to see what the next one has waiting for you.