What Can I Learn from You?

As far back as I remember, I have never really had mentors or role models. Not until the past few years, where I have met a few amazing people and have nominated them – without their knowing, I think – to become my mentors. Whether personally or professionally – as if these areas are unrelated What Can I Learn from You?

The Pattern that Connects

Today’s Reflection is about the pattern that connects it all. A yearly retreat of my spiritual practice community, Training in Power, 8 days long, just finished yesterday. I have been going for several years now, and each one has been a transformational experience, yet each occurred differently. After all these years, I think I am The Pattern that Connects

8 Years. A Lifetime.

Today’s Reflection is about a lifelong period of 8 years of a life with a precious companion. September 10 was the day of Tobi’s birthday. He turned 8. Strange how the “official” organizations in North America now categorize dogs of this age as “seniors;” I guess this is what happens to dogs with all the 8 Years. A Lifetime.