From Accepting to Embracing.

There is a flow to wake-up calls. A pattern that has a way of repeating itself, that – overtime – has become a familiar way of delivering its wisdom exactly at the timing I apparently needed. These wake-up calls don’t ask me whether I am ready, nor do they check my calendar to make sure From Accepting to Embracing.

The Masks We Wear

“When it comes to recognizing the truth of our own identities, most of us experience a symbolic version of blindness that keeps us from seeing ourselves for who we really are.” – Christopher Heuertz This quote just crossed my awareness, as I am reading “The Sacred Enneagram” book. Several recent themes in my life are The Masks We Wear

Facing Ourselves

“Don’t give them too much to do on the weekend,” said the head counselor to the woman who is running a very unique healing centre, talking about the clients of the place. I remember going to a vipassana meditation retreat, many years ago. The instructions were very clear, to not bring any electronics of any Facing Ourselves

A Special Dinner Gathering

My students are completing a two year course in Leadership and Personal Development and are about to graduate from Pinchot University. This is an MBA program that is combined of monthly face-to-face weekends and online learning in-between. Their online assignment for this week is to have a dialogue on the following theme: You are having a A Special Dinner Gathering

House of Mirrors

One of the concepts I have recently started bringing into my teaching and into my life comes from the Conscious Leadership Group and wonderful their book, “15 Commitments of Conscious Leaders.” This particular one is about being above or below the line and while it really appears to be quite simple to grasp, it is House of Mirrors

Creativity Is An Inside Job

“I am not one of those creative types,” he says. “I am an engineer.” He is a product manager in an engineering firm. We are in the middle of a workshop series on unleashing individual and organizational creativity and innovation as part of an initiative to create a culture of creativity in the company. There Creativity Is An Inside Job

What Can I Learn from You?

As far back as I remember, I have never really had mentors or role models. Not until the past few years, where I have met a few amazing people and have nominated them – without their knowing, I think – to become my mentors. Whether personally or professionally – as if these areas are unrelated What Can I Learn from You?

Through the Fog

Fog. There was fog at the airport when I was leaving Vancouver. There was heavy fog, early in the morning, when I arrived to Delhi and was driving to the guest house where I am staying for the next two weeks, while I teach at the School for Inspired Leadership (SOIL). The next morning, as Through the Fog

Thank You 2013

Dear 2013, Time came for us to part ways. It is nothing personal, really. Just the nature of things these days. We had a great time together, for a whole year. Every day, every night, and oftentimes, every hour. It is time to move on now, and perfect timing to look at what you have Thank You 2013