What Do I Know?

The only real question is not one of winning or losing, but of experiencing life with an ever-increasing depth. – David Whyte As the Right Livelihood Quest website has been updated to a new look, there is still a section that needs a review. My beloved challenged me to it. She is good like that, What Do I Know?

Winter is Coming

Leaves are falling non-stop, like a magical multi-coloured and multi-shaped rain. The days are also getting shorter, and the air colder. At times, very cold. Given that it is Vancouver, they are also getting quite wet. Winter is coming. Archetypes is a concept that was brought forward in various teachings and traditions (I know, it Winter is Coming

Learning to be Guided

It was a beautiful Tuesday afternoon. Sunny, yet fresh, with all the beauty of a Fall that is beginning to announce its upcoming arrival to Vancouver. People are walking, and many are cycling (we live on a bicycle route), and the world outside beckons to go out and play. It is tempting, especially since I Learning to be Guided

What’s For Dinner?

We have known each other for quite a few years. First, both D and J were students of mine, then they became clients, and eventually our relationship has transitioned to a beautiful and lasting friendship. It usually takes the form of a dinner out, somewhere locally, and given that I am the picky one as What’s For Dinner?

What Can I Learn from You?

As far back as I remember, I have never really had mentors or role models. Not until the past few years, where I have met a few amazing people and have nominated them – without their knowing, I think – to become my mentors. Whether personally or professionally – as if these areas are unrelated What Can I Learn from You?

What Inspires You?

A student of mine recently posted a question to the group, curious about our sources of inspiration. An interesting theme that was, and still is, with me. Won’t let go. Which means, a good candidate for a deeper exploration. So, with no particular order or preference, here is what has been coming to mind since What Inspires You?

8 Years. A Lifetime.

Today’s Reflection is about a lifelong period of 8 years of a life with a precious companion. September 10 was the day of Tobi’s birthday. He turned 8. Strange how the “official” organizations in North America now categorize dogs of this age as “seniors;” I guess this is what happens to dogs with all the 8 Years. A Lifetime.