What About Me?

For many years, I have been a fan (truth be told, more of an addict, really) of the 1 Giant Leap project, movie, music. I remember buying a box of their CDs and DVDs, as gifts to friends, when I stumbled upon it first. Then came out the second one of their projects, What About What About Me?

Of Time and Passion

Where did the summer go? I know it was here, because I remember hot days, and ocean, and sun on my face. Yet, it is now October already, coming to the end, and as I reflect on the past few months, I wonder what happened that I don’t have a clear sense of a nice Of Time and Passion

What Inspires You?

A student of mine recently posted a question to the group, curious about our sources of inspiration. An interesting theme that was, and still is, with me. Won’t let go. Which means, a good candidate for a deeper exploration. So, with no particular order or preference, here is what has been coming to mind since What Inspires You?

Beyond Hope

A student was recently sharing about a sense of hopelessness s/he was going through. Whether it was the change in weather, the upcoming USA elections, the overwhelm with work and school, or the energy crisis… there was a moment when all the reasons collided into a dark and heavy impact. S/he quoted Jimmy Carter as Beyond Hope

A Hope for the Future

Earlier this week, students from the School of Inspired Leadership in India, where I taught at the beginning of this year, contacted me with a request to write a testimonial for their yearbook. Apparently, the year is over and they are graduating from the school that holds the values of Ethics, Mindfulness, Diversity, Compassion, and A Hope for the Future

What’s Important

Dear friends who have been together for many years, have recently parted ways. Even though there is a house, children, and a history of common experiences, it is not a guarantee to anything, when looking into the future. Lives that have been aligned, intertwined, and deeply connected, somehow, slowly, over time, unraveled and started heading What’s Important

One More Day

Today’s Reflection is about my time in India, that is coming to an end.   I have just one more day to complete my almost 3-weeks visit to India. Mostly to teach a 2-week course at the School of Inspired Leadership (, which is an innovative year-long MBA degree oriented around the 5 values of One More Day

10 Years and 10 Minutes

Today’s Reflection is about a new baby being born. Of sorts. I think that, ultimately, we never really know when it is time for something to happen. Sure, we can make plans, prepare, get things done, and line up all our ducks in a row. There certainly is value in that. We can also trust, 10 Years and 10 Minutes

Oh Canada… How I Cry for Thee…

Today’s Reflection is about the elections results here in Canada, and my reaction to it. I really love what The Guardian has to say about our election results, and so am going to quite their opening from an article, titled “Canada’s cold new dawn: Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper is our version of George W Bush, Oh Canada… How I Cry for Thee…