Canadian Thanksgiving was yesterday, with a grey and rainy day in Vancouver. The trees started decorating themselves with multitude of colours, and leaves are beginning their descent, forming carpets in a variety of patterns on the ground. Fall. The season  of harvesting, of gathering the fruit of our labour, and of being grateful for what Gratitude

What About Me?

For many years, I have been a fan (truth be told, more of an addict, really) of the 1 Giant Leap project, movie, music. I remember buying a box of their CDs and DVDs, as gifts to friends, when I stumbled upon it first. Then came out the second one of their projects, What About What About Me?

Of Time and Passion

Where did the summer go? I know it was here, because I remember hot days, and ocean, and sun on my face. Yet, it is now October already, coming to the end, and as I reflect on the past few months, I wonder what happened that I don’t have a clear sense of a nice Of Time and Passion

What Inspires You?

A student of mine recently posted a question to the group, curious about our sources of inspiration. An interesting theme that was, and still is, with me. Won’t let go. Which means, a good candidate for a deeper exploration. So, with no particular order or preference, here is what has been coming to mind since What Inspires You?

10 Years and 10 Minutes

Today’s Reflection is about a new baby being born. Of sorts. I think that, ultimately, we never really know when it is time for something to happen. Sure, we can make plans, prepare, get things done, and line up all our ducks in a row. There certainly is value in that. We can also trust, 10 Years and 10 Minutes

I Want a Savasana

Today’s Reflection is about passion, pace of life, and yoga. In a way. Savasana is a yoga pose, often referred to as the “resting pose,” and is typically done at the end of the session. Lie flat on your back, slowly lift each leg and arm and then let them drop wherever, close your eyes, I Want a Savasana

A Story of a Wake-up Call

Today’s Reflection is about an encounter in the air, and the resulting story of listening to a painful wake up call. Here I am, sitting at the Toronto Pearson airport, having just arrived from Vancouver, and on the way to Israel. A few hours to read, write, and move around until the next flight in A Story of a Wake-up Call