Loving Sadness

I might have just coined a new expression. At least, it is new to me. While I have been living with the actual experience since August of 2017, the words to articulate it are emerging only now. This is when Tobi transitioned, and this is what I am reflecting on now. The expression is Loving Loving Sadness

An Ode to a Fluffy Guru

This is the one reflection I never wanted to write. How does one review 14 years of a life with such an incredible being? And yet… I have wanted a dog for a long time, and made sure all my friends knew it. On a fairly regular basis. I also had plenty of reasons (or An Ode to a Fluffy Guru

Learning to be Guided

It was a beautiful Tuesday afternoon. Sunny, yet fresh, with all the beauty of a Fall that is beginning to announce its upcoming arrival to Vancouver. People are walking, and many are cycling (we live on a bicycle route), and the world outside beckons to go out and play. It is tempting, especially since I Learning to be Guided


Canadian Thanksgiving was yesterday, with a grey and rainy day in Vancouver. The trees started decorating themselves with multitude of colours, and leaves are beginning their descent, forming carpets in a variety of patterns on the ground. Fall. The season  of harvesting, of gathering the fruit of our labour, and of being grateful for what Gratitude

What Can I Learn from You?

As far back as I remember, I have never really had mentors or role models. Not until the past few years, where I have met a few amazing people and have nominated them – without their knowing, I think – to become my mentors. Whether personally or professionally – as if these areas are unrelated What Can I Learn from You?

Life is (or “as”) an Offer

I am just finishing a period of a few full and rich weeks, with plenty of adventures and diversity to go along. My loyal four-legged fluffy companion Tobi and I left Vancouver about 3 weeks ago, and spent 2 days in Portland catching up with friends and students of BGI (while grading assignments of an Life is (or “as”) an Offer

The Pattern that Connects

Today’s Reflection is about the pattern that connects it all. A yearly retreat of my spiritual practice community, Training in Power, 8 days long, just finished yesterday. I have been going for several years now, and each one has been a transformational experience, yet each occurred differently. After all these years, I think I am The Pattern that Connects

8 Years. A Lifetime.

Today’s Reflection is about a lifelong period of 8 years of a life with a precious companion. September 10 was the day of Tobi’s birthday. He turned 8. Strange how the “official” organizations in North America now categorize dogs of this age as “seniors;” I guess this is what happens to dogs with all the 8 Years. A Lifetime.