Terms and Conditions

We prefer to keep things simple, but Terms & Conditions are important to protect both our organization and you, our visitor. So, please read the following and understand that by perusing our website you are hereby agreeing to each of the following:

Intellectual Property

All textual contents, logos and other visuals (images, icons, videos, etc) are the intellectual property of https://www.SimonGoland.com and protected by copyright laws. Any unauthorized use of said content will be subject to scrutiny and may, at the behest of Simon Goland, be requested to be removed from third-party websites and/or other publications for any reason and at any time.

Governing Law

Simon Says Consulting and Simon Goland abide by all applicable laws dictated by the local authority and more broadly, Canada & the United States of America.

Links to Other Websites

Simon Says Consulting and Simon Goland arenot responsible for any content on external domains that we provide links to as that content may be changed without our consent or counsel after the initial posting of said link or links on our website pages, blog posts, events, etc…

Limitations & Consent Requirements For Re-Use of Content

If you would like to re-use content from our website, please read through out bulleted list below for examples of content re-use that we permit, then if you still have questions, please Contact Us and we can discuss your intended usage of our content.

Content Re-Use You Do Not Need Permission For

  • Sharing Pages, Posts, Events, etc to your Social Media Profiles or in Emails to friends and colleagues
  • Re-posting articles so long as they include clear and prominent “crediting links” at the beginning and end of your re-post
  • Posting quotes from our pages, posts, events, etc so long as they include clear and prominent credits