The Art of Creative Leadership

by Simon Goland, September 19, 2008

Do your responsibilities as a leader give you a sense of seriousness – a sense of being solely responsible for the workplace’s direction and success? A skillful leader creates opportunities for creativity and innovation, both for themselves and their staff.

Experience a rich set of activities from the world of creativity, experiential education, performing arts, storytelling, eastern philosophies and practices, and specialized kinesiology to engage your whole person – mind, body, and soul. Explore the benefits of the tools, techniques, and activities and their application to diverse workplace situations – meetings, conversations, challenges, employee engagement, creativity sessions – and have fun in the process.

When we stop taking ourselves too seriously and bring creativity and play into the workplace, many changes happen. Creativity skyrockets, morale improves, people become energized, productivity goes up, and the workplace transforms. Add these skills to your leadership repertoire and watch employee engagement take off.

This is the description of “The Art of Creative Leadership” 2-day course, which I am teaching on an ongoing basis at the Justice Institute of BC ( The next upcoming dates are December 9-10, 2008 and June 22-23, 2009. An article in support of the course is here.