Who Supports the Leader?

The fact is – it often is lonely at the top, with increasing responsibilities for the future of your team, department, or organization. Compound it with the escalating pace of change in our world of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Chaos, Ambiguity), and the challenges of leading magnify. Exponentially.

How do we lead effectively, helping our people and organizations thrive and evolve in our 21st century? How does one expand their skills and abilities of becoming a more impactful strategic leader?

Welcome to a focused, committed, evoking, and highly customized process of Executive Coaching I create with, and for, my clients. It is a journey of deep inquiry, conscious self-awareness, growth, skill building, radical responsibility and commitment, unstoppable passion, and action, with both challenges and victories along the way. Such journey is about becoming, and will orient your life around what I call Awakening as a Way of Being – a combination of beliefs, mental models, strategies, attitudes, and approaches used to navigate our complex, turbulent, unpredictable, and rapidly-changing world. I often use the Enneagram as comprehensive, precise, and integrated system for such accelerated process of awakening, to help us illuminate what might be hidden from your view.

A traveling companion on such a journey of individual learning is transformational, and this is my work with leaders. As your traveling and learning partner, I am committed to you, your journey, your vision, and your success.

We partner and collaborate according to your needs and the direction you set up. There is a great deal of flexibility in the structure – in the type of connection (in-person, phone, Zoom), in the frequency of our sessions, and in the timing. However, there is no flexibility in your commitment. You must be willing to travel and be open to every challenge, obstacle, or victory along the way.